About Upfumi.com

Welcome to Upfumi Online Store. We are a subsidiary online store to uXpress SACCO Society. It is a society that is aimed at servicing Zimbabwean diaspora everywhere in the world.

Established in 2020, we have a community of trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. They have committed themselves to delivering exceptional, indigenous products and services, unique only to Zimbabweans. It is not a secret that we have our own unique way of doing things, a cultural difference that resonates with excellence and generational wisdom.

Our mission is to uplift small businesses and manufacturers by helping them gain a fraction of the world market. We are confident in our community of suppliers, in ourselves as the independent store, and in our splendid community of customers who always support us from around the world.

We promise to offer you only the best and most affordable goods and services. And to be able to fulfil all your purchasing needs. May it be for your child’s stationary delivery at her boarding school in Ntabazinduna, your elderly mother’s monthly groceries (food, healthcare, appliances) at her Glenview homestead or hardware equipment delivered to your workplace in Kyasands (RSA).