uXpress SACCO Society


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To become a member of uXpress Savings and Credit Co-operative pay the Joining Fee. Admission is done once you pay the one-off joining fee of R25 (twenty five Rands). 

Members are at liberty to withdraw from the society as and when they wish to. The withdrawal can be due to death, willful resignation, or retirement.

Membership Benefits
  • Sacco interest rates on both savings and loans are generally better than those offered by commercial banks.
  • Members get educated in financial matters by teaching prudent handling, budgeting and keep track of money.
  • Savings provide security for future financial needs.
  • Savings accumulates funds for use now and after retirement.
  • High savings will qualify for higher loans.
  • High savings will result in high dividends.
  • High savings will strengthen the society’s lending capacity.
  • Savings will act as an insurance in case of death whereby the nominee is paid twice the accumulated shares and outstanding loans written off.
  • High savings guarantees a member a comfortable retirement.