Nestle Ideal Evaporated Milk 380g

Nestle Ideal Evaporated Milk 380g

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Somehwere Inbetween The Thickness Of Heavy Cream And The Thinness Of Milk, Evaporated Milk Serves As Your Secret Weapon To The Perfect Sauce, Soup Or Stew. Versatile & Convenient, Ideal Evaporated Milk Is Great For Adding Delicious Creaminess To Sweet Dishes. With Ideal Medium Fat, You Can Enjoy The Rich, Creamy Taste With Less Guilt As It Contains 53% Less Fat Than Regular Milk... As The Name Says, This Is Evaporated Milk, Meaning That About 50% Of Water Has Been Removed From Milk, Making It More Concentrated. It Can Be Used As Fresh Milk By Diluting With An Equal Amount Of Water. Adds Creaminess To Soups, Stews, Or Pasta Dishes And Gives It A 'Round' Taste. Used Undiluted, It Can Be Used To Replace Cream To Provide A Less Creamy Taste. It Is Richer Than Milk, Yet Lighter Than Cream. Evaporated Milk Smooths And Balances Fatty Dishes Such As Stews.
Extremely Versatile Milk Can Be Used In Sweet And Savoury Dishes. Perfect To Use To Add Creaminess To Soups, Pasta Dishes As Well As Stews.