Back To School Junior Starter Pack (Creche, Grade R, Grade RR, Grade 0, Grade 1)

Back To School Junior Starter Pack (Creche, Grade R, Grade RR, Grade 0, Grade 1)

Regular price R 3,440.00 R 0.00 Unit price per

1 x Treeline Clear PVC Book Bag with Coloured Binding and Zip R72

2 x Flip File Display Book A4 50 Pocket R288

2 x Croxley A5 128 Page Manuscript Book, Feint and Margin R59.98

5 x A4 72Page, 17mm & Margin Lines R50

5 x A4 72Page, Unruled R50

3 x A4 Croxley 72Page Feint and Margin R30

2 x Butterfly A4 Book Covers Bright 10ea R137.98

2 x Clear Plastic Covers A4 Pack Of 10 55 Micron Pre-Cut R80

1 x Sellotape Clear Tape Refill 18 1ea R52

1 x Butterfly Heavy Duty Plastic Book Covers 3m x 480mm R34.49

1 x Whiteboard/Chalkboard Wooden Duster 40 x 50mm 68.25

2 x Croxley Foolscap Document Envelope R64

1 x Croxley: Create Magnetic Whiteboard Set - A4 R81.90

2 x Rotatrim A4 White / Bond Paper 500 Sheets R192

1 x Kores Whiteboard Marker Xw1 Blister Black R42,90

1 x Croxley Create Fun Ergo Grip Erasers 3 Pack R52.65

1 x Round Barrel Pencil Case R127

1 x BIC Kids Tropicolour Color Pencils 24ea R89.99

1 x Bic Pencils Evolution Graphite HB 650 13 Pack R67.35

1 x Pritt Glue Stick 42g 3s R208.50

1 x Maped Ruler 30Cm Essential Finger Ruler R20

1 x Croxley Create 2 Hole Canister Sharpener R23,40

1 x BIC Turn & Colour Wax Crayons 12ea R100,49

1 x Pentel Oil Pastels 25ea R97.99

1 x Maped Synthetic Paint Brushes 4ea R104.95

1 x Butterfly Giant Colouring Book 304 pages R78

1 x ClevaKidz A3 Educational Posters English Set 8ea R390

1 x eeBoo Educational Flash Cards: 100 Great Words R243

1 x Treeline Abacus 120 Bead R130.65

1 x Healthy Habits Hand Sanitizer Spray 20ml 24ea R280

1 x Dettol Original Personal Care Wipes 40s R120.98