Back To School Grade 1 Package

Back To School Grade 1 Package

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1 x Treeline Clear PVC Book Bag with Coloured Binding and Zip R72

2 x Flip File Display Book A4 50 Pocket R288

1 x Croxley A5 128 Page Manuscript Book, Feint and Margin R29.99

 5 x A4 72Page, 17mm & Margin Lines R50

 5 x A4 72Page, Unruled R50

5 x A4 Croxley 72Page Feint and Margin R50

2 x Butterfly A4 Book Covers Bright 10ea R137.98

2 x Clear Plastic Covers A4 Pack Of 10 55 Micron Pre-Cut R80

1 x Sellotape Clear Tape Refill 18 1ea R52

1 x Butterfly Heavy Duty Plastic Book Covers 3m x 480mm R34.49

1 x Whiteboard/Chalkboard Wooden Duster 40 x 50mm 68.25

2 x Croxley Foolscap Document Envelope R64

1 x Croxley: Create Magnetic Whiteboard Set - A4 R81.90

2 x Rotatrim A4 White / Bond Paper 500 Sheets R192

1 x Kores Whiteboard Marker Xw1 Blister Black R42,90

1 x Croxley Create Fun Ergo Grip Erasers 3 Pack R52.65

1 x Staedtler Pencil Case 20cm R82

1 x BIC Kids Tropicolour Color Pencils 24ea R89.99

1 x Bic Pencils Evolution Graphite HB 650 13 Pack R67.35

1 x Pritt Glue Stick 42g 3s R208.50

1 x Maped Ruler 30Cm Essential Finger Ruler R20

1 x Croxley Create 2 Hole Canister Sharpener R23,40

 1 x BIC Turn & Colour Wax Crayons 12ea R100,49

1 x Pentel Oil Pastels 25ea R97.99

1 x Maped Synthetic Paint Brushes 4ea R104.95